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Traducción en español de “character”


noun /ˈkӕrəktə/
the set of qualities that make someone or something different from others; type You can tell a man’s character from his handwriting Publicity of this character is not good for the firm. a set of qualities that are considered admirable in some way He showed great character in dealing with the danger. reputation They tried to damage his character. a person in a play, novel etc Rosencrantz is a minor character in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. an odd or amusing person This fellow’s quite a character! a letter used in typing etc Some characters on this typewriter are broken. characteristic adjective (negative uncharacteristic) typical (of a person etc) He spoke with characteristic shyness That kind of behaviour is characteristic of him. characteristically adverb
characterize verb ( characterise) to be the obvious feature of The giraffe is characterized by its long neck. to describe (as) She characterized him as weak and indecisive. characterization noun ( characterisation)
(Definition of character from the Password English-Spanish Dictionary © 2013 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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