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Traducción en español de “interest”


noun /ˈintrəst, (American) ˈintərist/
curiosity ; attention
That newspaper story is bound to arouse interest.
a matter , activity etc that is of special concern to one
Gardening is one of my main interests .
money paid in return for borrowing a usually large sum of money
The ( rate of) interest on this loan is eight per cent (also adjective ) the interest rate .
(a share in the ownership of) a business firm etc
He bought an interest in the nightclub .
a group of connected businesses which act together to their own advantage
grupo de intereses
I suspect that the scheme will be opposed by the banking interest (= all the banks acting together).
interested adjective (often with in) showing attention or having curiosity
interesado (en)
He’s not interested in politics Don’t tell me any more – I’m not interested I’ll be interested to see what happens next week .
(often with in) willing , or wanting , to do, buy etc
interesado (en)
Are you interested in ( buying ) a second-hand car ?
personally involved in a particular business , project etc and therefore likely to be anxious about decisions made regarding it
You must consult the other interested parties (= the other people involved ).
interesting adjective (opposite uninteresting)
an interesting book .
interestingly adverb
de manera interesante
Interestingly, she failed to mention the subject .
interest rate noun the percentage amount that an organization such as a bank charges you when you borrow money or pays you when your keep money in an account
interés , tada de interés
The government may cut interest rates .
in one’s (own) interest bringing , or in order to bring , advantage , benefit , help etc to oneself etc
en su propio interés / beneficio
It would be in our own interest to help him, as he may be able to help us later .
in the interest(s) of in order to get, achieve , increase etc
en el interés de
The political march was banned in the interests of public safety .
lose interest to stop being interested
perder el interés
He used to be very active in politics , but he’s lost interest now.
take an interest to be interested
I take a great interest in everything they do.
(Definition of interest from the Password English-Spanish Dictionary © 2013 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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