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Traducción en español de “lose”


verb /luːz/ (past tense, past participle lost /lost/)
to stop having; to have no longer
She has lost interest in her work I have lost my watch He lost hold of the rope .
to have taken away from one (by death , accident etc)
She lost her father last year The ship was lost in the storm He has lost his job .
to put (something) where it cannot be found
My secretary has lost your letter .
not to win
I always lose at cards She lost the race .
to waste or use more ( time ) than is necessary
He lost no time in informing the police of the robbery .
loser noun a person who loses
The losers congratulated the winners .
loss /los/ noun the act or fact of losing
She was suffering from loss of memory He was mourning the loss (= death ) of his friend .
something which is lost
It was only after he was dead that we realized what a loss he was.
the amount ( especially of money ) which is lost
This month the company recorded a loss of £550, 000.
lost adjective missing ; no longer to be found
a lost ticket .
not won
The game is not lost until the final whistle .
wasted ; not used properly
a lost opportunity .
no longer knowing where one is, or in which direction to go
I don’t know whether to turn left or right – I’m lost.
at a loss not knowing what to do, say etc
de una pieza , sin palabras
He was at a loss for words to express his gratitude .
a bad/good loser noun someone who behaves badly or well when he loses a game etc.
mal/ buen perdedor
lose oneself in phrasal verb to have all one’s attention taken up by
sumergirse en
He lost himself in a book .
lose one’s memory to stop being able to remember things
perder la memoria
As he got older , he began to lose his memory .
lose out phrasal verb to suffer loss or be at a disadvantage
salir perdiendo
We lost out when we didn’t buy a house at a time when property was much cheaper than it is now.
lost in phrasal verb having one’s attention wholly taken up by
perdido en
She was lost in thought .
lost on wasted , having no effect , on
no tener efecto
The joke was lost on her.
lost property noun (British) things that people have accidentally left in a public place and are kept until they are collected by the people who lost them.
objetos perdidos
(British ) a place where things are kept that have been accidentally left by people in a public place ; lost-and-found (American)
Oficina de Objetos Perdidos
to lose (not loose) the match.
(Definition of lose from the Password English-Spanish Dictionary © 2013 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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