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verb uk /miːt/ us /mit/ past tense and past participle met

A1 to come to the same place as someone else

quedar (con)
We met for coffee last Sunday.
I met an old friend at a party last Saturday.

A1 to see and speak to someone for the first time

‘This is Helen.’ ‘Pleased to meet you.’

B1 to wait at a place for someone or something to arrive

ir a buscar a
They met me at the airport.

B1 If a group of people meet, they come to a place in order to do something.

quedar, verse
The group meets every Thursday.

Phrasal verb(s)

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verb /miːt/ (past tense, past participle met /met/)

to come face to face with (eg a person whom one knows), by chance

encontrar, encontrarse con
She met a man on the train.

(sometimes, especially American, with with) to come together with (a person etc), by arrangement

encontrar, reunirse con, citarse, quedar
The committee meets every Monday.

to be introduced to (someone) for the first time

Come and meet my wife.

to join

Where do the two roads meet?

to be equal to or satisfy (eg a person’s needs, requirements etc)

Will there be sufficient stocks to meet the public demand?

to come into the view, experience or presence of

A terrible sight met him / his eyes when he opened the door.

to come to or be faced with

He met his death in a car accident.

(with with) to experience or suffer; to receive a particular response

sufrir; recibir
She met with an accident
The scheme met with their approval.

to answer or oppose

responder (a)
We will meet force with greater force.
meeting noun

an act of meeting

The meeting between my mother and my husband was not friendly.

a gathering of people for discussion or another purpose

I have to attend a committee meeting.
meet (someone) halfway

to respond to (someone) by making an equal effort or a compromise

llegar a un acuerdo
I’ll invest $5,000 in this venture if you meet me halfway and do the same.

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