Significado de "field" - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈfiːld/
The field slopes down to the river.A field of wheat rippled in the breeze.We skirted around the edge of the field.Rabbits were hopping across the field.Police found the body in a field.
LAND [ C ]

A2 an area of land used for growing crops or keeping animals:

a wheat field
a field of cows

B1 an area of grass where you can play a sport:

a football field

B2 an area of study or activity:

He's an expert in the field of biochemistry.
IN RACE/BUSINESS [ no plural ]

the people who are competing in a race, activity, or business:

We lead the field in genetic research.
a gas/oil field

an area of land containing gas or oil

a gravitational/magnetic field

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