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Definición de “follow” en inglés


verb     /ˈfɒləʊ/
GO [I, T] A2 to move behind someone or something and go where they go, sometimes secretly : She followed me into the kitchen . He employed a private detective to follow his wife .Pursuing
HAPPEN [I, T] B1 to happen or come after something: The weeks that followed were the happiest days of my life . There was a bang , followed by a cloud of smoke .Occurring and happening
follow a path/road, etc B1 to travel along a path / road , etc : Follow the main road down to the traffic lights .Travelling
follow instructions/orders/rules, etc B1 to do what the instructions / orders / rules , etc say you should do: I followed your advice and stayed at home .Obedient and compliantObeying and breaking the law
follow sb's example/lead to copy someone's behaviour or ideas : You should follow Meg's example and tidy your room .Copying and copiesForgery
UNDERSTAND [I, T] B1 to understand something: Could you say that again? I didn't quite follow.Understanding and comprehending
BE INTERESTED [T] to be interested in an event or activity : I followed the trial closely .Excited, interested and enthusiastic
as follows B2 used to introduce a list or description Quoting and making references
it follows that used to say that if one thing is true , another thing will also be true : He's big , but it doesn't follow that he's strong . → See also follow in sb's footsteps, follow suitConcluding and deducing
(Definition of follow verb from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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relating to behaviour between people that is pleasant and friendly, often despite a difficult situation

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