Traducción de "all right" - Diccionario Inglés-Turco

all right

adjective [ never before noun ], adverb also alright uk us

B1 good enough, although not very good

peki, tamam, pekâla
The hotel wasn't great but it was all right.
It's a cheap wine but it tastes all right.

A2 safe or well

güvende, emin, iyi, sağ salim
I'm all right thanks. How are you?
Did you get home all right last night?
that's all right

used as an answer when someone thanks you

bir şey değil, rica ederim
"Thanks for cleaning the kitchen." "That's all right."

A2 something you say when someone says sorry to show that you are not angry

önemli değil, boş ver, aldırma, tamam
"I'm sorry - I forgot all about it." "That's all right."

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