Traducción de "word" - Diccionario Inglés-Turco


noun uk /wɜːd/ us

A1 [ C ] a group of letters or sounds that mean something, or a single letter or sound that means something

sözcük, kelime
'Hund' is the German word for 'dog'.
He has difficulty spelling long words.
not believe/understand/hear, etc a word

B1 to not believe/understand/hear, etc anything

hiç bir şey anlamamak/inanmamak/işitmemek vb.
I don't believe a word he says.
a word of warning/advice/thanks, etc

something that you say to warn someone/give them advice/thank them, etc

ikaz/tavsiye/teşekkür vb. ifade eden sözler
Just a word of warning - he doesn't like people being late.
have a word with sb

B2 to talk to someone for a short time

iki kelime etmek, kısa bir süre konuşmak
I'll have a word with Ted and see if he wants to come.
put in a good word for sb

to praise someone, often to someone who might be able to employ them

lehinde konuşmak/söylemek/bulunmak
give sb your word

to promise someone something

söz vermek, vaatte bulunmak
He gave me his word that he wouldn't tell anyone.
take sb's word for it

B2 to believe what someone says without any proof

her söylediğine inanmak; sözlerine itibar etmek; sözüne güvenmek
in other words

B2 used to explain what something means in a different way

yâni, diğer bir şekilde; bir başka deyişle
He said he's too busy, in other words, he isn't interested.
in sb's words

used when you repeat what someone said

başkasının deyişiyle/ifadesiyle
In the manager's words, the game was 'a total disaster'.
word for word

using the exact words that were originally used

kelimesi kelimesine
She repeated word for word what he had told her.

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