Traduction de "people" - dictionnaire Anglais-Français


nounpeople /ˈpipəl/
plural more than one person
personnes feminine plural

How many people have you invited to the party?
Combien de personnes avez-vous invitées à la soirée ?
plural all people considered together
gens masculine plural

People can be greedy and selfish.
Les gens peuvent être avides et égoistes.
the people
average people, especially in a particular country
le peuple , la population

The people should decide whether or not to go to war.
La population doit décider s'il faut ou pas aller en guerre.
countable formal a race of people
peuple masculine

the many peoples of the world
les nombreux peuples du monde

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noun plural /ˈpiːpl/


There were three people in the room.

men and women in general

People often say such things.

(noun singular) a nation or race

all the peoples of this world.
the people

the ordinary people of a country as opposed to the aristocracy etc

government for the people by the people.
people is usually plural: The people waiting at the airport were impatient. people is singular, and has the plural peoples, when it means a nation: a defeated people ; the peoples of eastern Europe.

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