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It's easy to add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets.

HTML Search Box Widget for your website

Don't use gadgets or javascript on your website? Add our Free Search Box to your own website by copying the code below into your website code wherever you want the search box to appear.

<form action='' method='post'>
    <table style='font-size:10px;background:#292929;border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;width:150px;' >
                <td colspan='2' style='padding:0;background:none;border:none;'>
                    <a href='' style='display:block; background: transparent url( no-repeat 5px 6px;height:32px;'></a>
                <td style='width:68px;background:none;border:none;padding:4px;'>
                    <input style='width:100%;display:block;font-size:10px;padding:2px;border:none;' name='q' />
                <td style='width:50px;background:none;border:none;padding:0 4px 0 0;'>
                    <input style='width:100%;display:block;font-size:10px;padding:2px;border:none;float:right;background:#d0a44c;' type='submit' value='Look it up' />

Your website will display a search box like this:

You may also be interested in adding our Double-Click Lookup feature to your website or experimenting with our API to access a range of dictionaries and methods.

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