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Pronunciations in the American English and Essential American English dictionary do not use the 'long vowel' marker /ː/ and, in place of the syllable division marker /./, they use a raised dot /·/.


Long Vowels
ɑː farm
ɔː horse
ɜː bird
Short Vowels
ɪ ship e head
æ hat ə above
ʊ foot ɚ mother (US)
ɒ sock (UK) ɝ worm (US)
ʌ cup


b book
d day
ɡ give
v very
ð the
z zoo
ʒ vision
l look
r run
j yes
w we
m moon
n name
ŋ sing
p pen
t town
k cat
f fish
θ think
s say
ʃ she


ɔɪ boy
əʊ nose (UK)
nose (US)
ɪə ear (UK)
hair (UK)
ʊə pure (UK)

Other symbols

h /ˈhænd/
ɒ̃ /ˈkwæs.ɒ̃/
croissant (UK)
i /ˈhæp.i/
t ̬ /ˈbʌt ̬.ɚ/
butter (US)
u /ˌɪn.fluˈen.zə/
l ̩ /ˈlɪt.l ̩/

əl, əm, ən can be pronounced either: əl or l ̩ etc.:
/ˈleɪb.əl/ = /ˈleɪb.əl/ or /ˈleɪb.l̩/
linking r is pronounced only before a vowel in British English:
fɔːr + ˈæp.l ̩z = fɔːˈræp.l ̩z
four + apples = four apples
ˈ main stress /ˌek.spekˈteɪ.ʃən/ expectation
ˌ secondary stress /ˌriːˈtell/ retell
. syllable division /ˈsɪs.təm/ system
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