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uk /ˈfiː.lɪŋ/ us /ˈfiː.lɪŋ/

feeling noun (SENSE)

B1 [ C or U ] the fact of feeling something physical:

I had a tingling feeling in my fingers.
I've got this strange feeling in my stomach.
My toes were so cold that I'd lost all feeling in them.

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feeling noun (EMOTION)

B1 [ C or U ] emotion:

The feeling of loneliness suddenly overwhelmed him.
There's a feeling of dissatisfaction with the government.
[ + that ] I got the feeling that I was not welcome.
Her performance seemed to me completely lacking in feeling.
feelings [ plural ]

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B1 emotions, especially those influenced by other people:

Some people say that dogs have feelings.
I wanted to spare his feelings (= not to upset him), so I didn't tell him what she'd said about him.

feeling noun (OPINION)

B2 [ C ] opinion:

My feeling is that we had better act quickly or it will be too late.

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us /ˈfi·lɪŋ/

feeling noun (EXPERIENCE)

[ C/U ] a physical or emotional experience or awareness:

[ U ] My toes were so cold that I lost all feeling in them.
[ C ] I have a feeling that I’m not welcome.

[ C/U ] Your feelings are your awareness of the way you should be treated, esp. when you are treated rudely:

[ pl ] He doesn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

feeling noun (OPINION)

[ C ] an opinion or belief:

My feeling is that we should wait until they come back.
He has strong feelings about environmental issues.

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uk /ˈfiːlɪŋ/ us

[ C or U ] something that you feel with your body or mind:

I had a funny feeling in my stomach before my interview.
The redundancies created bad feeling between the new manager and the remaining staff.

[ C, usually singular ] an opinion or thought about something:

I have a feeling that they will accept our offer.
I get the feeling that staff aren't happy with the pay offer.
My gut feeling is that we are launching this product too late.

[ S ] also feel the character of a place or situation:

The simple, clean design of the furniture conveys a sophisticated feeling.

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