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"proficient" no Inglês

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uk /prəˈfɪʃ.ənt/ us /prəˈfɪʃ.ənt/
noun [ U ] uk /prəˈfɪʃ.ə us /prəˈfɪʃ.ə

The job ad said they wanted proficiency in at least two languages.

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"proficient" no Inglês Americano

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us /prəˈfɪʃ·ənt/

skilled and experienced:

a proficient swimmer
He studied Chinese and became proficient in the language.
noun [ U ] us /prəˈfɪʃ·ən·si/

Morgan has great proficiency as a jazz saxophonist.

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"proficient" em Inglês para negócios

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uk /prəˈfɪʃənt/ us

very skilled and experienced at something:

proficient at sth/doing sth Consumers have become more proficient at shopping online.
proficient in sth The government will help small businesses become proficient in the technologies they need to compete in the digital marketplace.

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