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uk /bɔːl/ us /bɑːl/

ball noun (ROUND OBJECT)

A1 [ C ] any object in the shape of a sphere, especially one used as a toy by children or in various sports such as tennis and football:

Just try to concentrate on hitting the ball.
The kitten curled itself into a ball (= the shape of a ball).

A1 [ C ] a long piece of thread that has been rolled into a ball:

a ball of string/wool

[ C ] the rounded part of your foot or thumb where the toes join the foot and the thumb joins the hand

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ball noun (KICK/THROW OF BALL)

in football, a pass from one player to another:

Long picked up a great ball from Campbell and rounded the keeper to score.

in baseball, a ball that is thrown to the batter but that the batter does not try to hit because it is outside the hitting area

ballverb [ T ]

uk /bɔːl/ us /bɑːl/

ball verb [ T ] (MAKE ROUND)

to make something form a closed round shape:

She balled her fists so her nails dug deep into her palms.

ball verb [ T ] (HAVE SEX)

US slang (of a man) to have sex with someone

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ballnoun [ C ]

us /bɔl/

ball noun [ C ] (ROUND OBJECT)

a round object that can roll and usually bounce and that is used in many games in which it is thrown, hit, or kicked:

The ball of the foot is the curved part where the big toe joins the foot.

ball noun [ C ] (DANCE)

infml A ball is also any very enjoyable experience:

"How was your weekend?" "We had a ball!"

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