bust up Определение в кембриджском словаре английского языка
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Определение “bust up” в словаре английского

Определение "bust up" в словаре английского

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bust up

mainly US informal
phrasal verb with bust uk   us   /bʌst/ verb [T] (busted or UK also bust, busted or UK also bust )
If a ​relationshipbusts up, or the ​people in a ​relationshipbust up, the ​relationshipends: They ​busted up last ​year.

bust-upnoun [C]

uk   us   /ˈbʌst.ʌp/ informal
a ​seriousargument, ​especially one that ​ends a ​relationship: She had a ​big bust-up with her ​brother-in-law.
(Определение слова bust up из Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Определение "bust-up" в словаре делового английского

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bust-upnoun [C]

uk   us   /ˈbʌstʌp/
UK informal a serious argument or disagreement, especially one which ​ends a ​relationship: The ​CEO was ​ousted last month after a ​boardroom bust-up.
(Определение слова bust-up из Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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