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Определение “community” в словаре английского

Определение "community" в словаре английского

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communitynoun [C, + sing/pl verb]

uk   /kəˈmjuː.nə.ti/  us   /kəˈmjuː.nə.t̬i/
B2 the ​peopleliving in one ​particulararea or ​people who are ​considered as a ​unit because of ​theircommoninterests, ​socialgroup, or ​nationality: He's well ​known in the local community. There's a ​large black/​white/​Jewish community ​living in this ​area. Her ​speechcausedoutrage among the gay community. Drug ​trafficking is a ​matter of ​considerableconcern for the ​entire international community (= all the ​countries of the ​world). There's a ​real sense of community (= ​caring and ​friendlyfeeling) in this ​neighbourhood.
specialized biology a ​group of ​animals or ​plants that ​live or ​grow together
the community [S]
the ​generalpublic: Unlike the ​presentgovernment, we ​believe in serving the community.

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Определение "community" в словаре американского английского

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communitynoun [C/U]

 us   /kəˈmju·nɪ·t̬i/
all the ​people who ​live in a ​particulararea, or a ​group of ​people who are ​considered as a ​unit because of ​theirsharedinterests or ​background: [C] the ​scientific community [C] Bus ​fares were ​raiseddespite the ​protests of the community. [U] There’s a ​realsense of community (= ​caring and ​friendlyfeeling) in this ​neighborhood.
biology A community is also all the ​variousliving things that ​live in a ​particulararea.
The community is sometimes used to ​meansociety in ​general: [U] She ​believed that the ​greatestgoal in ​life was to ​serve the community.
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Определение "community" в словаре делового английского

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communitynoun [C]

uk   us   /kəˈmjuːnəti/ (plural communities)
the ​peopleliving in a particular ​area: We know that 80% of ​economicgrowth comes from ​businesses already ​located within our communities.rural/urban community Banks ​offer basic ​bankingfacilities to ​people in ​rural communities. This is a ​restaurant that also ​providestraining for ​unemployedpeople from the local community.
a ​group of ​people who have the same ​interests, religion, etc.: internationalfinancial communityLatino/black/Jewish, etc. community The US Census ​shows the Latino community has ​grown to 35 million.
the community
a way of referring to ​people in ​general or the ​public: Basically, you have to ​find the best ways of ​working with the community.
(Определение слова community из Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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на арабский مُجْتَمَع, جَماعة, جالية…
на малайский golongan, komuniti…
на французский communauté, collectivité…
на русский населенный пункт, община…
на китайский (традиционный) 社區, 群體, 社團,團體,界…
на итальянский comunità…
на турецкий toplum, ahali, topluluk…
на польский społeczność, środowisko…
на испанский comunidad, colectividad…
на вьетнамский cộng đồng…
на португальский comunidade, colônia…
на тайский ชุมชน, สังคม, เกี่ยวกับสังคม…
на немецкий die Gemeinschaft, das Gemeinwesen…
на каталонский comunitat…
на японский 地域, (利害、宗教、国籍などが同じ人たちの)社会…
на китайский (упрощенный) 社区, 群体, 社团,团体,界…
на индонезийский masyarakat…
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