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Определение “cream” в словаре английского

Определение "cream" в словаре английского

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uk   /kriːm/  us   /kriːm/
A2 [U] the ​thick, yellowish-white ​liquid that ​forms on the ​top of ​milk: strawberries and cream Do you like cream in ​yourcoffee?UK a cream ​cake (= ​cake with cream in it)
A2 [U] the ​colour of cream
B1 [C or U] a ​softsubstance that you ​rub into ​yourskin: face/​hand cream moisturizing cream Put some sun cream on to ​protectyourface.
[C] a ​type of ​sweet that is ​soft inside: chocolate/​peppermint creams
[U] a ​thickliquid used for ​cleaning things: cream ​cleaner
cream of mushroom, tomato, etc. soup
soup that has been made into a ​smooththickliquid and usually has cream in it

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uk   /kriːm/  us   /kriːm/
A2 having a yellowish-white ​colour: a cream ​shirt

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creamverb [T]

uk   /kriːm/  us   /kriːm/
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Определение "cream" в словаре американского английского

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creamnoun [U]

 us   /krim/
  • cream noun [U] (LIQUID)

the ​thick, yellow-white ​liquid that ​forms on the ​top of ​milk: Do you take cream in ​yourcoffee?
Cream is also a ​pale yellow-white ​color.
Cream also refers to any of ​variousfoods that ​contain cream or that are ​smooth like cream: cream of ​chickensoup chocolate cream ​pie
  • cream noun [U] (THICK SUBSTANCE)

a ​thick, ​smoothsubstance that you put on ​yourskin to ​keep it ​soft or to ​treat it ​medically: a ​facial cream
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"cream" на английском

"cream" в американском английском

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