Определение “cream” в словаре английского

Определение "cream" в словаре английского

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uk /kriːm/ us /kriːm/

A2 [ U ] the thick, yellowish-white liquid that forms on the top of milk:

strawberries and cream
Do you like cream in your coffee?
UK a cream cake (= cake with cream in it)

A2 [ U ] the colour of cream

B1 [ C or U ] a soft substance that you rub into your skin:

face/hand cream
moisturizing cream
Put some sun cream on to protect your face.

[ C ] a type of sweet that is soft inside:

[ U ] a thick liquid used for cleaning things:

cream cleaner
cream of mushroom, tomato, etc. soup

soup that has been made into a smooth thick liquid and usually has cream in it

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uk /kriːm/ us /kriːm/

A2 having a yellowish-white colour:

a cream shirt

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creamverb [ T ]

uk /kriːm/ us /kriːm/

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Определение "cream" в словаре американского английского

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creamnoun [ U ]

us /krim/

cream noun [ U ] (LIQUID)

the thick, yellow-white liquid that forms on the top of milk:

Do you take cream in your coffee?

Cream is also a pale yellow-white color.

Cream also refers to any of various foods that contain cream or that are smooth like cream:

cream of chicken soup
chocolate cream pie

cream noun [ U ] (THICK SUBSTANCE)

a thick, smooth substance that you put on your skin to keep it soft or to treat it medically:

a facial cream


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