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listingnoun [ C ]

us /ˈlɪs·tɪŋ/

listing noun [ C ] (RECORD)

an item in a list of information that is published regularly:

To find the correct TV channel, check the listings in your local newspaper.

(Определение listing из Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

listing в деловом английском

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uk /ˈlɪstɪŋ/ us

[ C ] a list, or one part of a list:

Here you will find a comprehensive listing of all transportation websites.
Do you have a phone listing for A. P. Morrow Inc?

[ C or U ] STOCK MARKET a place in a list of companies whose shares are bought and sold on a particular stock market, or the act of putting a company on a list:

The software company is considering a stock market listing in London.
A full listing for the company on the Dublin and London stock exchanges is slated for October 2.
listings [ plural ]

information about different types of entertainment and activities that is published in newspapers and magazines, or on the internet:

TV listings

(Определение listing из Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)