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Определение “realization” в словаре английского

Определение "realization" в словаре английского

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(UK usually realisation) uk   /ˌrɪə.laɪˈzeɪ.ʃən/  us   /ˌriː.ə.lə-/

realization noun (BECOMING AWARE)

C1 [C usually singular] the ​fact or ​moment of ​starting to ​understand a ​situation: [+ that] The realization was dawning that this was a ​majordisaster.

realization noun (ACHIEVEMENT)

C2 [U] the ​act or ​moment of ​achieving something you ​planned to do or ​hoped for: To ​win the ​Olympicgoldmedal was the realization of his life's ​dream.

realization noun (MONEY)

[U] specialized finance & economics the ​act of getting ​money by ​selling something: Even the realization of all his ​assets would not be enough to ​preventfinancialruin.
(Определение слова realization из Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Определение "realization" в словаре американского английского

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 us   /ˌri·ə·ləˈzeɪ·ʃən/
[C usually sing] the ​state of being ​aware of or ​understanding a ​situation: You ​soon come to the ​horrible realization that the ​flatskinnylettersmean, No, you are not ​accepted.
[U] the ​act of ​achieving something you hoped or ​planned for: Playing in the ​majorleagues was the realization of his ​dreams.
(Определение слова realization из Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Определение "realization" в словаре делового английского

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realizationnoun [S or U]

(also UK realisation) uk   /ˌrɪəlaɪˈzeɪʃən/  us   /ˌrɪələˈzeɪʃən/
FINANCE, ACCOUNTING the ​process of ​sellingassets, ​investments, etc. for ​cash: realization of sth In the ​event of ​default or ​bankruptcy by the counterparty to the ​agreement, realization of the ​collateral may be ​subject to ​legalproceedings. Should a ​companyaim for high ​volume or high price realization?
the ​process of ​achieving something you ​planned to do or hoped for: The realization offinancialgoals is often the ​result of satisfying ​customers and ​stakeholders. Real-time ​datacapture of ​consumerresponse to ​advertising is a phenomenon now tantalizingly close to realization.
(Определение слова realization из Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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