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Определение на английском “channel”

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noun [C] uk   us   /ˈtʃæn.əl/

channel noun [C] (TELEVISION)

A2 a television station: a cable/terrestrial/satellite channel a music/movie/news/shopping/sports channel the news on Channel 4 She switched/turned to another channel to watch football.
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channel noun [C] (PASSAGE)

a passage for water or other liquids to flow along, or a part of a river or other area of water that is deep and wide enough to provide a route for ships to travel along: There are drainage/irrigation channels all over this flat agricultural land. The boats all have to pass through this narrow channel.the (English) Channel the area of sea that separates England from France: We're going to have a day-trip across the Channel. We took the car to France overnight on a (cross-)channel ferry.
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channel noun [C] (COMMUNICATING)

C2 a way of communicating with people or getting something done: We must open the channels of communication between the two countries. The government pursued every diplomatic/official channel to free the hostages. Complaints should be made through the proper/usual channels.

channel noun [C] (MAKING AVAILABLE)

a way of making a product, information, etc. available: The insurer sells its products through a variety of distribution channels, including banks.

channel noun [C] (AIRPORT/PORT)

UK a route or way out of an airport or port where travellers' bags are examined: If you have nothing to declare, go through the green channel. Goods to declare - use the red channel.


verb [T] uk   us   /ˈtʃæn.əl/ (-ll- or US usually -l-)

channel verb [T] (DIRECT)

C2 to direct something into a particular place or situation: Ditches were constructed to channel water away from the buildings. If she could only channel all that energy into something useful. A lot of money has been channelled into research in that particular field.

channel verb [T] (ACT LIKE)

to behave like or copy another person, so that you almost seem to be that other person: The band were dressed in 1960s outfits and seemed to be channelling the Beatles.
Переводы “channel”
на арабский قَناة تِلِفِزْيونيِّة, قَناة مائيّة…
на корейский 채널, 해협…
in Malaysian alur, kanal, selat…
на французский chenal, canal, détroit…
на турецкий tv/radyo kanalı/bandı, kanal, iletişim kanalı…
на итальянский canale, stretto…
на китайский (традиционный) 電視, 電視台, 電視頻道…
на русский канал, путь, источник…
на польский program, kanał, droga…
in Vietnamese rãnh, luồng, eo biển…
на испанский canal, medio…
на португальский canal…
in Thai ร่องน้ำ, ร่องน้ำลึก, ช่องแคบ…
на немецкий der Kanal, das Flußbett, die Fahrrinne…
на каталонский canal…
на японский (テレビの)チャンネル, 水路, 海峡…
in Indonesian saluran, kanal, terusan…
на китайский (упрощенный) 电视, 电视台, 电视频道…
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