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Определение на английском “raw”

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adjective uk   /rɔː/ us    /rɑː/

raw adjective (NOT COOKED)

B1 (of food) not cooked: raw fish
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raw adjective (NOT PROCESSED)

B2 (of materials) in a natural state, without having been through any chemical or industrial process: Oil is an important raw material that can be processed into many different products, including plastics. They claimed that raw sewage was being pumped into the sea. Raw information has been collected but has not yet been studied in detail: raw data/evidence/figures used to refer to a person who is not trained or is without experience: I would prefer not to leave this job to John while he's still a raw recruit/beginner. Feelings or qualities that are raw are natural and difficult to control: We were struck by the raw energy/power of the dancers' performances. Her emotions are still a bit raw after her painful divorce. A piece of writing that is raw is one that does not try to hide anything about its subject: His new play is a raw drama about family life.
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raw adjective (PAINFUL)

sore or painful because of being rubbed or damaged: The shoe had rubbed a raw place on her heel.

raw adjective (COLD)

used to describe weather that is very cold: a raw morning a raw wind The evening was cold and raw.
noun [U] uk   /-nəs/ us  
Переводы “raw”
на корейский 날것의, 익지 않은, 원자재의…
на арабский نَيّء, خام…
на французский cru, brut, à vif…
на турецкий çiğ, pişmemiş, ham…
на итальянский crudo, grezzo, naturale…
на китайский (традиционный) 未烹調的, (食物)生的,未經烹調的,沒煮的…
на русский сырой (о еде), сырой, необработанный…
на польский surowy, otarty…
на испанский crudo, bruto, sin refinar…
на португальский cru, bruto…
на немецкий roh, Roh-…, wund…
на каталонский cru, pur…
на японский 生(なま)の, 調理していない, 未加工の…
на китайский (упрощенный) 未烹调的, (食物)生的,未经烹调的,没煮的…
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