Translation of "black" - English-Arabic dictionary


adjective uk /blæk/ us /blæk/

A1 being the colour of the sky on a dark night

أسود اللون
a black jacket

A2 Someone who is black has the dark skin typical of people from Africa.

أسَوَد / ذُو بَشَرة سَوْدَاء
black Americans

funny about unpleasant or frightening subjects

مُتَّسِم بِروْح السُّخْرية
black comedy
noun uk /blæk/ us /blæk/

A2 the colour of the sky on a dark night

She always dresses in black.
be in the black

If your bank account is in the black, it contains some money.

لَدَىّ مال
in black and white

printed in a book, newspaper, or official document

مُوَضَّح كِتابةً
Look at the contract – it’s all there in black and white.

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