Translation of "move" - English-Arabic dictionary


verb uk /muːv/ (present participle moving, past tense and past participle moved)

A2 to change place or position, or to make something change place or position

We moved the chairs to another room.
Someone was moving around upstairs.

B1 to go to a different place

Eventually, she moved to Germany.
She’s moving into a new apartment.

to make someone feel sad

I was deeply moved by his speech.
move house UK

B1 to leave your home in order to live in a new one

يُغَيّر المَنْزِل
move heaven and earth

to do everything you can to achieve something

يَفعَل ما بوِسعه
He’ll move heaven and earth to get it done on time.

(Translation of “move verb” from the Cambridge English-Arabic Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)