Translation of "about" - English-Catalan dictionary


preposition uk /əˈbaʊt/ us /əˈbɑʊt/

A1 relating to a particular subject

What was she talking about?

UK to or in different parts of a place

We wandered about the town.
what/how about…?

A2 used to suggest something

i si…?
What about some lunch?
what/how about…?

B1 used to ask for someone’s opinion on a particular subject

què et sembla…?
What about this restaurant? Is it good?
adverb uk /əˈbaʊt/ us /əˈbɑʊt/

A1 close to a particular number or time, although not exactly that number or time

It happened about two months ago.

UK to or in different parts of a place

aquí i allà
She just leaves her clothes lying about.
be about to do something

B1 to be going to do something very soon

estar a punt de fer ac
I’m about to leave.

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