Translation of "roll" - English-Catalan dictionary


verb uk /rəʊl/ us /roʊl/

to move somewhere by turning in a circular direction, or to make something move this way

rodar, rodolar, fer rodar
The ball rolled through the goalkeeper’s legs.
She rolled over onto her side.

to turn something around itself to make the shape of a ball or tube

He rolled the wool into a ball.

to move somewhere smoothly

rodar, rodolar
Tears rolled down her face.
be rolling in it

to be very rich

estar folrat
noun uk /rəʊl/ us /roʊl/

something that has been turned around itself into a round shape like a tube

a roll of toilet paper

B1 a small loaf of bread for one person


(Translation of “roll” from the Cambridge English-Catalan Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)