Translation of "about" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


preposition (CONNECTED WITH) 和…有关 uk us /əˈbaʊt/

on the subject of; connected with

What's that book about? 这本书是关于什么的?
a film about the Spanish Civil War 反映西班牙内战的电影
We were talking/laughing about Sophie. 我们正谈论/笑话索菲。
He's always (going) on about what a great job he's got. 他总是喋喋不休地炫耀他的工作有多么好。
I'm worried about David. 我真为戴维担心。
I really don't know what all the fuss is about. 我真不知道这么大惊小怪到底是怎么回事。
I wish you'd do something about (= take action to solve the problem of) your bedroom - it's a real mess. 我希望你能收拾一下你的卧室——里面乱七八糟。
UK informal Could you make me a coffee too while you're about it (= while you are making one for yourself)? 你去冲咖啡的时候能不能给我也来一杯?
What didn't you like about the play? 这部剧哪些地方你不喜欢?
There's something about (= in the character of) her attitude that worries me. 她态度中表现出的一些问题让我担心。
There's something special about him (= in his character). 他性格中有种与众不同的东西。
"Is that your car?" "Yes, what about it (= why are you asking me)?" “那是你的车吗?”“是的,怎么啦?”(有时这种说话方式带有一种愤怒或威胁的口气)

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