Translation of "abstract" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (GENERAL) 笼统的 uk us /ˈæb.strækt/

existing as an idea, feeling or quality, not as a material object

Truth and beauty are abstract concepts. 真和美都是抽象的概念。

describes an argument or discussion that is general and not based on particular examples

This debate is becoming too abstract - let's have some hard facts! 这场辩论变得太空洞了——拿出一些具体的事实根据来吧!
the abstract

general ideas

I have difficulty dealing with the abstract - let's discuss particular cases. 我难以理解抽象概念,我们讨论一些具体的案例吧。
So far we've only discussed the question in the abstract (= without referring to any real examples). 目前我们只是笼统地讨论过这个问题。

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