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uk /r/ us /er/

air noun (GAS)

A2 [ U ] the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth and that we breathe

I went outside to get some fresh air. 我到室外呼吸一下新鲜空气。
You should put some air in your tyres - they look flat to me. 你该给这些轮胎打气了——它们看上去都瘪了。
the air B2 [ S ]

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the space above the ground, especially high above the ground

The air was filled with the scent of roses. 空气中弥漫着玫瑰的芳香。
Throw your gun down and put your hands in the air. 扔掉枪,举起手来。
The police fired into the air to clear the demonstrators from the streets. 警察对天鸣枪以驱散街上的示威者。

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air noun (AIRCRAFT)

A2 [ U ] travel in an aircraft

I don't travel much by air. 我不常坐飞机。
an air crash/disaster 飞机失事/空难
air travel 乘飞机旅行

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air noun (MANNER)

C2 [ S ] manner or appearance

She has an air of confidence about her. 她一副自信的样子。

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air noun (BROADCAST)

be on/off (the) air

C1 If a programme or a person is on/off (the) air, they are/are not broadcasting on radio or television.

The radio station is on air from 6 a.m. 广播电台早晨6点开始播音。
As soon as the war started, any broadcasts with a military theme were taken off the air. 战争一爆发,所有有关军事主题的节目都停止播出了。

air noun (TUNE)

[ C ] a simple tune

Bach's Air on a G String 巴赫的《G弦上的咏叹调》


uk /r/ us /er/

air verb (MAKE KNOWN)

[ T ] to make opinions or complaints known to other people

Putting a complaint in the suggestions box is one way of airing your grievances. 有什么怨言写出来放在意见箱里,这是一种发泄不满的方式。
He'll air his views on the war whether people want to listen or not. 不管人们是否愿意听,他都要说出他对战争的看法。

air verb (DRY)

[ I or T ] to become dry and/or fresh, or to cause to become dry and/or fresh

My mother always airs the sheets before she makes the beds. 我妈妈在铺床之前总是先把床单烘干。
Leave the windows open to let the room air a bit. 开着窗户,让房间通通风。

air verb (BROADCAST)

[ I or T ] US to broadcast something or be broadcast on radio or television

The game will be aired live on CBS at 7.00 tonight. 今晚7点,哥伦比亚广播公司将现场直播这场比赛。
The interview with the president will air tomorrow morning. 对总统的采访将在明天早晨播出。

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