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uk /əˈplaɪ/ us /əˈplaɪ/

apply verb (REQUEST)

B1 [ I ] to request something, usually officially, especially in writing or by sending in a form

By the time I saw the job advertised it was already too late to apply. 我看到招聘广告的时候,已经太晚了,错过了应聘时机。
I've applied for a new job with the local newspaper.
Please apply in writing to the address below. 请将书面申请寄到以下地址。
We've applied to a charitable organization for a grant for the project. 我们已经向一家慈善组织提出申请,要求其对这个项目提供资助。
[ + to infinitive ] Mandy applied to join the police. 蒂姆已报名做警察。

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apply verb (RELATE TO)

B2 [ I ] (especially of rules or laws) to have a connection or be important

That part of the form is for UK citizens - it doesn't apply to you. 表格的那一项是给英国公民填的——和你无关。
Those were old regulations - they don't apply any more. 那些都是旧规定,不再适用了。

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apply verb (USE)

C1 [ T ] to make use of something or use it for a practical purpose

He wants a job in which he can apply his foreign languages. 他想找一份可以用到他的多门外语知识的工作。
The court heard how the driver had failed to apply his brakes in time. 法庭听司机陈述了他如何没能及时刹车的原委。
If you apply pressure to a cut it's meant to stop the bleeding. 如果你按压住伤口,就会止住流血。

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apply verb (PUT ON)

[ T ] to spread or rub a substance such as cream or paint on a surface

Apply the cream liberally to exposed areas every three hours and after swimming. 每3小时及游泳后将防晒霜充分涂抹于身体裸露部位。
The paint should be applied thinly and evenly. 漆应该薄薄地刷上一层,且要涂得均匀。

apply verb (WORK HARD)

apply yourself C2

If you apply yourself to something, you work hard at it, directing your abilities and efforts in a determined way so that you succeed.

You can solve any problem if you apply yourself. 如果你努力,任何问题都能解决。

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