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uk /ɑːm/ us /ɑːrm/

arm noun (BODY PART)

A1 [ C ] either of the two long parts of the upper body that are attached to the shoulders and have the hands at the end

My arms ache from carrying this bag. 提这个包累得我胳膊疼。
She put/threw her arms round me and gave me a hug. 她伸出双臂拥抱我。
He took/held her in his arms (= held her closely). 他把她搂到怀中。
Bill arrived at the party with his new girlfriend on his arm (= her hand resting on his arm). 新女友挽着比尔一起来到聚会上。

C2 [ C ] The arm of a piece of clothing or furniture is a part of it that you put your arm in or on.

the arm of a jacket 夹克袖子
the arm of a chair 椅子扶手
arm in arm

C2 When two people are arm in arm, they both have one arm bent at the elbow and passing around and supporting, or being supported by, the arm of the other person.

We walked arm in arm along the river bank. 我们臂挽着臂顺着河岸漫步。

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arm noun (WEAPONS)

arms [ plural ]

weapons and equipment used to kill and injure people

They have been charged with supplying arms to the guerrillas. 他们被指控向游击队提供军火。
An arms cache was discovered in South Wales. 在南威尔士发现了一个秘密军火库。
The minister has called on the terrorists to lay down their arms (= stop fighting). 部长要求恐怖分子放下武器。
They are willing to take up arms (= prepare to fight) (against the government) if they have to. 在必要时,他们会随时拿起武器(对抗政府)。

arm noun (OF LAND/WATER)

[ C ] An arm of land or water is a long, thin part of it that is joined to a larger area.



[ C ] An arm of an organization is a part of it that is responsible for a particular activity or place.

The British company is one arm of a large multinational. 这家英国公司是一个庞大的跨国公司的分部。


uk /ɑːm/ us /ɑːrm/

[ I or T ] to provide yourself or others with a weapon or weapons

Nobody knows who is arming the terrorists. 没有人知道谁在给这些恐怖分子提供武器装备。
I armed myself with a baseball bat and went to investigate the noise. 我抄起了一根棒球棒,走过去看看是什么发出的响动。
They are currently arming for war. 他们正在武装起来,为战争做准备。

C2 [ T ] to provide yourself or others with equipment or knowledge in order to complete a particular task

She armed herself for the interview by finding out all she could about the company in advance. 为准备面试,她事先尽其所能地了解了那个公司的情况。
I went to the meeting armed with the relevant facts and figures. 去开会时,我准备好了有关的资料数据。

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