Translation of "arrive" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I ] (REACH) 到达 uk us /əˈraɪv/

to reach a place, especially at the end of a journey

What time will your train arrive? 你坐的火车什么时候到?
It was dark by the time we arrived at the station. 我们到站时,天都已经黑了。
We arrived in Prague later that day. 我们在那天晚些时候到达布拉格。
I arrived back to find that my room had been burgled. 我回到家时,发现家里被盗了。
What time does the mail usually arrive (= is it delivered)? 邮件一般什么时候到?
I ordered some CDs over a month ago, but they still haven't arrived (= I have not received them). 我在1个多月前订购了几张CD,但是现在还没有送来。

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