Translation of "awkward" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (DIFFICULT) 困难的 uk us /ˈɔː.kwəd/ US  /ˈɑː.kwɚd/

difficult to use, do, or deal with

It's an awkward corner to drive round, so take it slowly. 这个转弯不好过,开慢点儿。
Some of the questions were rather awkward. 有些问题很难回答。
It was an awkward ascent, but we reached the top eventually. 那段上坡路很难走,但最后我们还是爬到了山顶。
[ + to infinitive ] My car's quite awkward to drive. 我的车很难开。
He's an awkward customer (= a difficult person to deal with). 他是个很难应付的家伙。
awkwardness uk us /ˈɔː.kwəd.nəs/ US  /ˈɑː.kwɚd-/ noun [ U ]

In spite of the divorce there was no awkwardness between them - in fact they seemed very much at ease. 尽管离婚了,他们之间也没什么别扭的——实际上他们似乎还非常自在。

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