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uk /bɔːl/ us /bɑːl/

ball noun (ROUND OBJECT)

A1 [ C ] any object in the shape of a sphere, especially one used as a toy by children or in various sports such as tennis and football

a beach/golf/tennis ball 沙滩球/高尔夫球/网球
Just try to concentrate on hitting the ball. 尽量集中精力,只想着击球。
The kitten curled itself into a ball (= the shape of a ball). 小猫蜷缩成一团。

A1 [ C ] a long piece of thread that has been rolled into a ball

a ball of string/wool 线团/毛线团

[ C ] the rounded part of your foot or thumb where the toes join the foot and the thumb joins the hand


More examples

  • She kicked the ball so powerfully that it flew over the hedge.
  • He rolled the clay into a ball in his hands.
  • My golf was terrible today - I just didn't strike the ball well.
  • The ball bounced off the post and into the net.
  • He wound the string into a ball.

ball noun (DANCE)

[ C ] a large formal occasion where people dance

Did you go to the Summer Ball last year? 去年你参加夏日舞会了吗?

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