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beamnoun [ C ]

uk /biːm/ us /biːm/

beam noun [ C ] (LINE)

B2 a line of light that shines from a bright object

We could just pick out the trail in the weak beam of the flashlight. 我们借着手电筒微弱的光仅能勉强认清路。
The rabbit stopped, mesmerized by the beam of the car's headlights. 兔子被汽车前灯射出的光束迷住了眼,停了下来。
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a line of radiation or particles flowing in one direction

a laser beam 激光束
an electron beam 电子波

beam noun [ C ] (WOOD)

a long, thick piece of wood, metal, or concrete, especially used to support weight in a building or other structure

The sitting room had exposed wooden beams. 起居室顶上的木梁露出来了。
the beam

in the sport of women's gymnastics, a wooden bar on which the competitors balance and perform movements



uk /biːm/ us /biːm/

beam verb (SMILE)

[ I ] to smile with obvious pleasure

She beamed with delight/pleasure at his remarks. 听完他的话她高兴得眉开眼笑。
The child beamed at his teacher as he received the award. 那个孩子在领奖时对他的老师报以微笑。
[ + speech ] "I'm so pleased to see you," he beamed (= said as he smiled). “见到你很高兴,”他微笑着说。

beam verb (SEND OUT)

[ I or T ] to send out a beam of light, an electrical or radio signal, etc.

The sun beamed (= shone brightly) down on the boat as it drifted along. 正午的阳光照在缓缓漂动的船上。
The concert was beamed (= broadcast) by satellite all over the world. 音乐会经卫星播送到世界各地。

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