Translation of "broad" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (GENERAL) 广泛的 uk us /brɔːd/ US  /brɑːd/

including a wide range of things; general

The politician gave a broad outline of his proposals. 那位政界人士大致说了一下他的动议要点。
The magazine covers a broad range of subjects, from sewing to psychology. 那份杂志涉及内容范围广泛,从缝纫到心理学无所不包。
broadly uk us /ˈbrɔː US  /ˈbrɑːd-/ adverb

Broadly speaking, don't you think women make better drivers than men? 总的来说,你不觉得女性开车比男性开得好吗?
broadness uk us /ˈbrɔːd.nəs/ US  /ˈbrɑːd-/ noun [ U ]

She was struck by the broadness of his back. 她被他那高大壮硕的身材吸引住了。

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