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carnoun [ C ]

uk /kɑːr/ us /kɑːr/

A1 a road vehicle with an engine, four wheels, and seats for a small number of people

They don't have a car. 他们没有汽车。
Where did you park your car? 你把车停在哪儿了?
It's quicker by car. 开车更快点。
a car chase/accident/factory 汽车追逐/车祸/汽车厂

a part of a train used for a special purpose

a restaurant/sleeping car 餐车/卧铺车厢

US UK carriage, coach any of the separate parts of a train in which the passengers sit

a railroad car 火车车厢

US UK truck a part of a train that is used for carrying goods or animals

Hundreds of refugees were herded into cattle cars for the gruelling ten-hour journey. 成百上千的难民被赶进运牛的货车里,开始了10小时令人筋疲力尽的行程。

More examples

  • You should always check your oil, water and tyres before taking your car on a long trip.
  • Eight children were crammed into the back of the car.
  • We skidded on the ice and crashed into another car.
  • It was foggy, and all the cars had their headlights on.
  • It would be better for the environment if more people used bikes rather than cars.

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