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carry (sth) on

phrasal verb with carry uk /ˈkær.i/ us /ˈker.i/ verb

B1 to continue doing something, or to cause something to continue

Let's carry on this discussion at some other time. 让我们另找时间继续这次的讨论吧。
UK Carry on the good work! 继续好好干!
Sorry to interrupt, please carry on (with what you were saying). 很抱歉打断你,请继续。
You just have to carry on as if nothing's happened. 你只管继续下去,就当什么都没发生。
[ + -ing verb ] Steve just carried on playing on his computer. 史蒂夫只管继续玩他的电脑。
Daphne is carrying on the family tradition by becoming a lawyer. 达夫妮继承家族的传统,成了一名律师。

More examples

  • He'll finish up dead if he carries on drinking like that!
  • Let's carry on with what we agreed for now.
  • She'll find herself with no friends at all if she carries on behaving like this.
  • Carry on with your work
  • I'll just carry on till I've got the job finished.

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