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deathnoun [ C or U ]

uk /deθ/ us /deθ/

B1 the end of life

The disease causes thousands of deaths a year. 这种疾病每年导致数千人死亡。
Do you believe in life after death? 你相信死后还有来世吗?
He never got over the death of his daughter. 他一直没有从女儿去世的阴影中走出来。
death threats 死亡威胁
bored, frightened, etc. to death

B2 extremely bored, frightened, etc.

to death

C2 until you die

The animals burned to death in the barn. 那些牲口在牲口棚里被活活烧死了。
He choked to death on a fish bone. 他被一根鱼刺卡死了。
The traitor was put to death (= killed as a punishment). 叛徒被处死了。
the death of sb/sth

the cause of the end of life, or the end or destruction of something

The failure of the family business was the death of him. 家族企业的落败把他送上了末路。
That child will be the death of me (= is always doing something which upsets me)! 这孩子非把我烦死不可!

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