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uk /ˈef.ət/ us /ˈef.ɚt/

B1 [ C or U ] physical or mental activity needed to achieve something

[ + to infinitive ] If we could all make an effort to keep this office tidier it would help. 如果我们都努力保持整洁,那么办公室的面貌肯定会大有改观。
You can't expect to have any friends if you don't make the effort with people. 如果不努力去和人们交往,你就别想有朋友。
In their efforts to reduce crime the government expanded the police force. 为了减少犯罪,政府扩大了警察的队伍。
He's jogging around the park every morning in an effort to get fit. 为了调整好身体状况迎接这个赛季的足球赛,他现在每天早晨都绕着公园慢跑。
It takes a long time to prepare the dish but the results are so good that it's worth the effort. 做这道菜很费时间,但结果大家都很爱吃,工夫真没白费。

[ C ] the result of an attempt to produce something, especially when its quality is low or uncertain

Do you want to have a look at his exam paper? It's a fairly poor effort. 你想看看他的试卷吗?成绩可是不太好。

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