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uk /ˈev.ri/ us /ˈev.ri/

every determiner (ALL)

A1 used when referring to all the members of a group of three or more

The police want to interview every employee about the theft. 警方想就盗窃案件与每位员工面谈。
The show will be broadcast every weekday morning between 9.00 and 10.00. 这个节目将在周一至周五每天上午9点到10点播出。
We're open every day except Sunday. 除了星期天我们每天都开门营业。
I've been out every night this week. 这个星期每天晚上我都外出。
Every time I go to London I get caught in a traffic jam. 每次我去伦敦都碰上塞车。
Ten pence is donated to charity for every bottle sold. 每售出1瓶就会有10便士捐给慈善机构。
These paintings may look like the real thing, but (each and) every one of them is a fake. 这些画也许看上去像真的,可实际上全都是赝品。
That salmon was very expensive so make sure you eat up every (single) bit. 那鲑鱼肉很贵,一定要全吃了,一点儿都不要剩。
every bit as

equally as

Opponents of the war are considered every bit as patriotic as supporters. 在人们心目中,这场战争的反对者和支持者都是一样爱国的。
every last


We catch the majority of people, but hunting down every last tax evader is impossible. 我们掌握绝大多数人的情况,但要把所有的逃税者都一一查出来是不可能的。
every which way US

in all directions

The game was hindered by a fierce wind that swept the ball every which way. 狂风大作,球被吹得四下乱跑,比赛无法正常进行。
in every way

in all ways

This movie is in every way a masterpiece of cinematography. 无论从哪方面来看,这部片子都是一部电影杰作。
(your) every need

all the things that you need or want

There'll be an assistant there to see to your every need. 将有一位助手到场来照顾你的一切需求。

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every determiner (REPEATED)

A1 used to show that something is repeated regularly

Computers can perform millions of calculations every second. 计算机每秒钟能进行数百万次的运算。
Every four minutes a car is stolen in this city. 在这座城市,每4分钟就有1辆汽车被盗。
Every day in the US 25 people are murdered with handguns. 在美国每天有25人被手枪射杀。
Every few kilometres we passed a burned out jeep or truck at the side of the road. 我们每走几公里就能在路边看到一辆被焚毁的吉普车或卡车。
The conference takes place every other/second year. 会议每隔一年/两年召开一次。
every now and again/then

C1 sometimes but not often

Every now and again/then they'll have a beer together. 他们偶尔会聚在一起喝杯啤酒。
every so often

C2 sometimes but not often

Every so often I treat myself to a meal in an expensive restaurant. 偶尔我也到高档餐厅犒劳自己一下。

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every determiner (GREATEST)

B2 the greatest possible or that can be imagined

I'd like to wish you every success in your new job/happiness in your new home. 我衷心祝愿你在新的工作中取得最大成功/在新家里日子过得幸福美满。
She has every reason to be unhappy after losing her job and her home. 她失业了,家也没了,完全有理由伤心。
You had every opportunity to make a complaint. 你当时完全有机会去投诉。
Every effort is being made to minimize civilian casualties. 正在尽最大努力把平民的伤亡降到最低限度。
She has every right to be proud of her tremendous achievements. 她完全有权利为自己的巨大成就而感到自豪。

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