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exploitverb [ T ]

uk /ɪkˈsplɔɪt/ us /ɪkˈsplɔɪt/

exploit verb [ T ] (USE WELL)

B2 to use something in a way that helps you

We need to make sure that we exploit our resources as fully as possible. 我们需要确保尽可能充分利用资源。

More examples

  • The increased globalization of the commodity trading business is something we must exploit.
  • Exporters can currently exploit the favourable exchange rates.
  • When a great opportunity like that comes along, you'd be a fool not to exploit it.
  • We have a lot of knowledge and experience in this department that we are not currently exploiting fully.
  • Finding myself in a dream situation, I exploited it to the full.

exploit verb [ T ] (USE UNFAIRLY)

B2 to use someone or something unfairly for your own advantage

Laws exist to stop companies exploiting their employees. 法律规定禁止公司剥削其员工。

More examples

  • This planet on which we all live should be cherished and not exploited.
  • He was portrayed as a ruthless opportunist who exploited the publicity at every opportunity.
  • High street banks have been accused of exploiting small firms.
  • The minister was sacked for exploiting his position for his own personal gain.
  • She frequently exploits her authority by getting other people to do things for her.

exploitnoun [ C usually plural ]

uk /ˈek.splɔɪt/ us /ˈek.splɔɪt/

something unusual, brave, or funny that someone has done

She was telling me about her exploits while travelling around Africa. 她跟我讲述了她在非洲各地旅游时的奇遇。

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