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fall apart

phrasal verb with fall uk /fɔːl/ us /fɑːl/ verb fell, fallen


B2 to break into pieces

My poor old boots are falling apart. 我可怜的旧靴子快散架了。

More examples

  • He bought some cheap shoes that fell apart after a couple of months.
  • My jacket is so old it's falling apart.
  • I picked up the book and it fell apart in my hands.
  • My old coat is falling apart at the seams.
  • I really have to replace this bag - it's falling apart.


B2 If an organization, system, or agreement falls apart, it fails or stops working effectively.

The deal fell apart because of a lack of financing. 由于缺乏资金,这笔交易告吹了。
Their marriage fell apart when she found out about her husband's affair. 她发现丈夫有婚外情后,他们的婚姻破裂了。

More examples

  • The whole family seems to be falling apart since Daniel died.
  • The whole apparatus of communism was already falling apart.
  • Arsenal's defence were strong, but their midfield fell apart in the first five minutes of the match.
  • I thought the whole meeting was going to fall apart but you rescued it like a true professional!
  • Their marriage is falling apart at the seams.


informal to experience serious emotional problems that make you unable to think or act in the usual way

After his wife died, he began to fall apart. 妻子过世后,他精神开始垮掉。

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