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uk /fɒɡ/ us /fɑːɡ/

fog noun (WEATHER)

A2 [ U ] a weather condition in which very small drops of water come together to form a thick cloud close to the land or seaocean, making it difficult to see

Thick/Heavy/Dense fog has made driving conditions dangerous. 浓雾使开车颇为危险。
Mist, fog, and snow are common in this area. 薄雾、寒雾和雪在这个地区很常见。
It took several hours for the fog to lift. 几个小时以后雾才散去。

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fog noun (CONFUSION)

[ S ] informal a confused or uncertain state, usually mentally or emotionally

I went home in a fog of disbelief. 我心怀疑虑地回了家。

fogverb [ T ]

uk /fɒɡ/ us /fɑːɡ/ -gg-

to make something or someone confused or uncertain

Alcohol fogs the brain. 酒精使头脑发昏。
The president's speech had simply fogged the issue. 部长的讲话只是让问题越发不清楚了。

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