Translation of "general" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (COMMON) 普遍的 uk us /ˈdʒen.ər.əl/ US  /-ɚ-/

involving or relating to most or all people, things or places, especially when these are considered as a unit

The general feeling at the meeting was that a vote should be taken. 所有与会者都感到应该投票表决。
There is general concern about rising crime rates. 人们普遍对犯罪率上升感到担忧。
My general impression of the place was good. 我对这个地方总的印象很好。
The talk is intended to be of general interest (= of interest to most people). 这次商谈是要探讨大家普遍感兴趣的话题。
UK formal Rain will become more general in the south-east during the afternoon. 降雨范围将在下午进一步扩展到东南地区。
in general

(also as a general rule) usually, or in most situations

In general, men are taller than women. 一般来说,男人个子比女人高。
As a general rule, we don't allow children in the bar. 一般情况下,我们不允许儿童进入酒吧。

considering the whole of someone or something, and not just a particular part of them

So, apart from the bad ankle, how are you in general? 那么,除了踝部的伤病,你身体总的来说怎么样?
be in the general interest formal

to be a good thing for the public

The government will only say it is not in the general interest to reveal any more information. 政府只能说,透露更多的信息有损公众的利益。

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