Translation of "glorious" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (BEAUTIFUL/NICE) 美丽的/友善的 uk us /ˈɡlɔː.ri.əs/ US  /ˈɡlɔːr.i-/

very beautiful

The beetroot had turned the soup a glorious pink. 甜菜使汤呈现出极为诱人夺目的粉红色。
Your roses are glorious! 你的玫瑰太漂亮了!

describes weather that is very pleasant, especially weather that is hot and sunny

They had glorious weather for their wedding. 他们举行婚礼的那天天气好极了。
It was a glorious winter day - crisp and clear. 那是一个令人心旷神怡的冬日——空气清新,阳光明媚。

very enjoyable or giving great pleasure

This wine is absolutely glorious. 这酒真是至醇至美。
We had a glorious time in the south of France last summer. 去年夏天我们在法国南部度过了一段非常愉快的日子。
gloriously uk us /ˈɡlɔː.ri.ə.sli/ US  /ˈɡlɔːr.i-/ adverb

We've had gloriously sunny weather. 近来我们这儿阳光明媚,非常宜人。
They looked gloriously happy. 他们看上去幸福极了。

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