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go ahead

phrasal verb with go uk /ɡəʊ/ us /ɡoʊ/ verb present participle going, past tense went, past participle gone

B2 to start to do something

We've received permission to go ahead with the music festival in spite of opposition from local residents. 尽管遭到当地居民反对,我们还是获准开始着手筹备音乐节。
I got so fed up with waiting for him to do it that I just went ahead and did it myself. 我等他等得实在不耐烦了,所以就干脆自己动手把事做完了。

B2 informal said to someone in order to give them permission to start to do something

"Could I ask you a rather personal question?" "Sure, go ahead." “我可以问您一个私人问题吗?”“当然,问吧。”

If an event goes ahead, it happens.

The festival is now going ahead as planned. 庆祝活动现在正按计划进行。

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go-aheadnoun [ S ]

uk /ˈɡəʊ.ə.hed/ us /ˈɡoʊ.ə.hed/

an occasion when permission is given for someone to start doing something or for an event or activity to happen

The government has given the go-ahead for a multi-billion pound road-building project. 政府已经批准了一个投资数十亿英镑的道路修建工程。
We're ready to start but we're still waiting to get the go-ahead from our head office. 我们一切准备就绪,但仍在等着得到总部的许可。
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uk /ˈɡəʊ.ə.hed/ us /ˈɡoʊ.ə.hed/

UK enthusiastic about using new products and modern methods of doing things

We have a flexitime system and crèche facilities and like to think of ourselves as a go-ahead employer. 我们公司实行弹性工作时间制,还设有照顾员工子女的日托中心,并将自己定位为一家富于开拓精神的公司。

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