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heelnoun [ C ]

uk /hiːl/ us /hiːl/

heel noun [ C ] (BODY PART)

B2 the rounded back part of the foot

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the part of a sock or shoe that covers the heel of the foot


B1 the raised part at the back of a shoe, under your heel



  • She got badly spiked when one of the runners trod on her heel.
  • A stone was digging into my heel.
  • The shoe had rubbed a raw place on her heel.
  • Soldiers click their heels when they stand to attention.
  • High heels are in this season.

heel noun [ C ] (PERSON)

old-fashioned informal a person who treats other people badly and unfairly

I felt like a real heel when I saw how I'd upset her. 看到自己使她如此难过,我觉得自己真是个混蛋。

heel noun [ C ] (HAND)

the raised part of the palm of your hand nearest the wrist


heel noun [ C ] (END PART)

the end part of something, especially of a loaf of bread, that is usually left after the rest has been eaten or used


heelverb [ T ]

uk /hiːl/ us /hiːl/

to repair the heel of a shoe


specialized sports In rugby, to heel the ball is to kick it backwards with the heel.



uk /hiːl/ us /hiːl/

said to a dog to order it to come and stand close to you or to walk close to your side as you walk


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