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uk /haʊs/ us /haʊs/ plural houses uk /ˈhaʊzɪz/ us

house noun (HOME)

A1 [ C ] a building that people, usually one family, live in

a detached/semi-detached house 独立式/半独立式住宅
to buy/rent a house 买/租房子
house prices 房价
She lives in a little house in (US on) Cross Street. 她住在十字街上的一所小房子里

[ C usually singular ] all the people living in a house

Try not to wake the whole house when you come in! 你进来的时候不要把全家人都吵醒!

[ C ] a building where animals are kept

the monkey/lion house at the zoo 动物园里猴子/狮子的笼舍
a hen house 鸡舍

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house noun (PUBLIC BUILDING)

[ C ] a building or part of a building that is used for a special purpose

the Sydney Opera House 悉尼歌剧院
Broadcasting House 广播电台大楼

house noun (BUSINESS)

a company that is involved in a particular area of business

a publishing house 出版社
a fashion house 时装屋
UK a curry house (= a South Asian restaurant) 咖喱屋(或餐厅)

house noun (MUSIC)

[ U ] also house music popular dance music with a fast regular beat, usually produced on electronic equipment

House music first appeared in the late 1980s. 豪斯音乐最早出现于20世纪80年代晚期。

house noun (SCHOOL GROUP)

[ C ] UK any of a small number of groups that the children in a school are put in for sports and other competitions

an inter-house hockey match 校内小组之间的足球赛

house noun (FAMILY)

[ C ] UK an important family, especially a royal one

The British Royal Family belong to the House of Windsor. 英国王室属于温莎家族。

house noun (POLITICS)

[ C ] an organization that makes laws, or its meeting place

the House

the members of the organization that makes laws

The House began debating the proposal at 3 p.m. 议员们于下午3点开始了会议/凌晨两点结束会议。

[ S ] the group of people who suggest a subject for a debate

The motion for tonight's debate is, "This house believes that capital punishment should be abolished." 今晚的辩题是“正方认为应该废除死刑。”

house noun (PEOPLE AT THEATRE)

C2 [ C ] the people watching a performance, especially in a theatre

The opera played to a full/packed house. 该歌剧演出时观众爆满。

houseverb [ T ]

uk /haʊz/ us /haʊz/

C2 to give a person or animal a place to live, or to provide space for something

It will be difficult to house all the refugees. 收容所有的难民将会很困难。
The museum houses the biggest collection of antique toys in Europe. 这家博物馆所收藏的古董玩具是全欧洲最多的。

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