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uk /lɪv/ us /lɪv/

live verb (BE ALIVE)

B1 [ I ] (to continue) to be alive or have life

He only lived a few days after the accident. 出事后他只活了几天就死了。
[ + to infinitive ] I hope I live to see my grandchildren. 我希望我能活到看见我孙子的那一天。
Her granny lived to the ripe old age of 94. 她奶奶活到了94岁高龄。
Can the right to live ever be denied to any human? 人的生存权可以剥夺吗?
She lived on well into her 90s. 她一直活到了90多岁。

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live verb (HAVE A HOME)

live in, at, etc.

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A1 to have your home somewhere

Where do you live? 你住在哪里?
We live in Kingston. 我们住在伦敦。
Some students live on the University campus. 有些学生住在大学校园里。
He lives with four other people in a shared house. 他和另外4个人同住在一所房子里。

[ I ] informal to be kept usually in a particular place

Where do the knives live in your kitchen? 刀具放在厨房的什么地方了?
I'm not sure where this bowl lives. 我不知道这只碗该放在哪里。

live verb (SPEND LIFE)

B1 [ I usually + adv/prep, T ] to spend your life in a particular way

After a while you get used to living alone. 过一段时间你会适应一个人生活的。
When you retire, you want to live a comfortable life. 退休的时候,大家都希望能过上舒适的生活。
So the couple got married and lived happily ever after. 于是王子和公主成了亲,从此他们过上了幸福的生活。
He simply wants to live (out) (= experience) the rest of his days in peace. 他只想能安度余生。
The TV's broken - we'll just have to live without (= not have) it for a while. 电视机坏了 ——这段时间我们只好不看电视了。
She certainly lived her life to the full (= was always doing something interesting). 她当然活得非常充实。
figurative The US is living beyond its means (= spending more than it earns). 美国人过的是借钱享乐的日子。

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live verb (STAY ALIVE)

C2 [ I ] to stay alive, especially by getting enough money to pay for food, a place to stay, clothing, etc.

For several years she lived by begging. 她以乞讨为生过了好几年。
She has an inheritance to live off (US also live off of) so she doesn't need to work. 她可以靠遗产生活,不必工作。
He only agreed to marry her so he could live off her (money). 他同意和她结婚只是为了她的钱。

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live verb (CONTINUE)

[ I ] (of things that are not alive) to exist or continue to exist

The memory of those terrible days lives on. 对那些恐怖的日子的记忆挥之不去。


[ I ] to have an interesting life

I want to live a little before I settle down. 在安定下来之前我要好好享受一下生活。
If you haven't seen Venice, you haven't lived. 如果你没到过威尼斯,就等于白活了一场。


uk /laɪv/ us /laɪv/

live adjective (HAVING LIFE)

[ before noun ] having life

Millions of live animals are shipped around the world each year. 每年有数百万只动物被运到世界各地。
There was a tank of live lobsters in the restaurant. 饭馆里有一箱活龙虾。

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live adjective (AS IT HAPPENS)

B1 (of a performance) broadcast, recorded, or seen while it is happening

This evening there will be a live broadcast of the debate. 今晚将现场直播这场辩论。
a live recording 现场录音

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live adjective (ELECTRICITY)

(of a wire) carrying or charged with electricity

a live wire 火线

live adjective (ABLE TO EXPLODE)

able to explode

live rounds of ammunition 数发实弹
live shells 实弹

live adjective (BURNING)

(of a fire, coals, or a match) still burning or able to burn

There are live coals in the fireplace. 壁炉里的煤还在燃烧。


uk /laɪv/ us /laɪv/

broadcast as it happens; performing or being performed in front of an audience

I've got two tickets to see them (perform) live. 我有两张看他们现场演出的门票。
go live

If a new system, especially a computer system, goes live, it starts to operate.

Our new payments system will go live at the beginning of next month. 下个月初我们新的支付系统将开始运行。

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