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uk /lʊk/ us /lʊk/

look verb (SEE)

A1 [ I ] to direct your eyes in order to see

Look! There's grandma. 瞧!奶奶在那里。
They looked at the picture and laughed. 他们看了看那幅画,笑了起来
Look at all these toys on the floor. 瞧瞧地上这些垃圾。
She looked up from her book and smiled at me. 她的视线从书本上移开,抬起头朝我笑了笑。
I looked out (of) the window. 我朝窗外望去。
Look over there - there's a rainbow! 看那里——有一道彩虹!

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look verb (SEARCH)

A1 [ I ] to try to find something or someone

I'm looking for my keys. 我在找钥匙。
I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find my glasses. 我每个地方都找遍了,可就是没找到我的眼镜。
Have you looked in the dictionary? 你查字典了吗?
I looked down the list but couldn't see his name. 我查看了名单,但没找到他的名字。

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look verb (SEEM)

A2 [ L, I usually + adv/prep ] to appear or seem

You look well! 你看起来气色不错!
The roads look very icy. 这些路看起来很滑。
That dress looks nice on you. 你穿那条裙子很好看。
He has started to look his age (= appear as old as he really is). 他看上去开始像他那个年纪的人了。
It's looking good (= things are going well). 事情进展顺利。
He looked (like) a friendly sort of person. 他看起来是那种很友善的人。
The twins look just like their mother. 那对双胞胎长得很像他们的母亲。
She looked as if/though she hadn't slept all night. 她看起来似乎整晚都没有睡觉。
It looks like rain (= as if it is going to rain). 看起来天要下雨了。

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look verb (DIRECTION)

B2 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to face a particular direction

The garden looks south. 那个花园朝南。
This window looks out onto the lake. 这个窗户俯瞰着湖面。

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look verb (WARNING)

[ I ] used when you are telling someone to be careful or to pay attention

[ + question word ] Look where you're going! 小心看着点儿路!
Look at the time - we're late! 注意时间——我们已经晚了!

look verb (HOPE)

be looking to do sth

C2 to be planning to do something

I'm looking to start my own business. 我计划自己开公司。


uk /lʊk/ us /lʊk/

look noun (WITH EYES)

B1 [ C ] the act of looking at someone or something

She gave him a look of real dislike. 她厌恶地看了他一眼。
Take a (good) look at this picture and see if you recognize anyone. 好好看看这张照片,看看能不能认出上面的什么人。
Can I have a look at your dictionary? 我能看看你的字典吗?

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look noun (SEARCH)

B1 [ C usually singular ] the act of trying to find someone or something

I had another look for the watch, but couldn't find it. 我又找了一遍手表,但没有找到。

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  • I had a look for the book.
  • Have a good look in the cupboard.
  • You've got nits? Let's have a look.
  • I can have a look for the papers for you.
  • We'll need to have a good look round before we leave.

look noun (APPEARANCE)

B2 [ C ] an expression on someone's face

She had a worried look about her. 她一脸焦急的神情。
She gave me a questioning look. 她疑惑地看着我。
the look of sb/sth

B2 the appearance of someone or something

They liked the look of the hotel, but it was too expensive. 他们很喜欢酒店的外观,只是价格太贵了。
I don't like the look of that fence (= it appears to have something wrong with it). 我不喜欢那道栅栏的样子。
sb's looks

C2 a person's appearance, especially how attractive they are

I like her looks. 我喜欢她的相貌。
Her looks improved as she grew older. 年纪稍大一些后,她变得好看多了。
He put on weight and started to lose his looks. 他胖了,而且开始长得越来越难看了。


uk /lʊk/ us /lʊk/

used to express anger

Look, I've already told you it's not possible. 看吧,我跟你说过这根本不可能。
old-fashioned Look here, I've had enough of this. 得了,我已经受够了。

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